Q&A | Citation Review

Citation Review

What can I expect from a citation format review?

CPLRG reviews the legal citations in your document to ensure that the format is consistent with the Bluebook citation standard or with the standard particular to your specific jurisdiction if it differs from the Bluebook standard. We review each citation within your document and correct any mistakes in the citation format. We return a redlined copy of your document with our changes, at which point you may accept or reject any of the format changes. CPLRG does not make any unseen changes within your document or provide a table of authorities.

How do I transmit the citations to be reviewed?

The easiest way to transmit your brief is by email. Counsel Press also provides a client portal for convenience. When CPLRG confirms your job, we provide access, and files can be uploaded to the portal.

How soon can I expect the citation review?

In most instances, we can provide the citation review the next business day. We may also be able to accommodate same-day service on some projects.