Q&A | Full Service Brief Writing

Full Service Brief Writing

What can I expect from a “full service” brief?

With any full service project, CPLRG provides you with a “signature ready” brief. We collaborate with you through the entire process, from the initial record review, to argument formation, to the final edits. We handle the research and writing and deliver a quality, well-written draft of your brief, compliant with the section requirements of your court’s jurisdiction. You provide comments, suggestions, and edits, and we incorporate them into the brief until you give the final approval.

Does CPLRG handle the research for the brief?

All research for your project is done by licensed, American attorneys. CPLRG does not outsource any of its research or writing; everything is handled by CPLRG staff attorneys. All research is tailored to the issues of your case and the requirements of your specific jurisdiction.

Can I modify the brief once it is written?

Absolutely. You have full control over the work. Your brief can be modified at any time until your final approval. Throughout the process we accommodate any changes or revisions and return another draft of the brief for your review. Once all of the changes have been made, you give the final approval, and the brief is ready for tables and certificates.

How soon can I expect the written draft of my brief?

CPLRG does offer emergency and priority service, if needed. But typically, we need at least 5 days to provide the initial draft of your brief.