Q&A | Brief Recraft™

Brief Recraft™

What can I expect from a Brief Recraft™?

The idea behind a Recraft™ is that we take a brief you have already written, then polish and sharpen it. We review your brief section by section, and make substantive revisions to balance the language of your brief. We streamline the brief, remove any extraneous portions, then provide a Recrafted™ draft, “tuned up” for your review.

Does a Recraft™ include writing the argument or statement of facts portions of the brief?

We do not write sections of the brief. You know the case so we rely on the information contained in the draft brief you send us. We work with what you have written, cultivate its strengths, and refine any portions that need extra help. The purpose of a Recraft™ is to take your draft and make it shine.

How soon can I expect the Recrafted™ draft of my brief?

At a minimum, CPLRG needs three days to return an initial draft. Of course, any additional time allows a more comprehensive review, without concern for deadlines.