Counsel Press Client Portal: Functionality in a Nutshell

It has been about seven years since Counsel Press launched its client portal, and we have continued to build and refine it. Long before the web portals became popular, we realized that the web was the optimal way to reach out Read More

"Hyperlinking" Your Appeal: Types of Hyperlinks and Techniques, A General Overview

In a recent blog post1, we explored the potential dangers of “link rot” and simple fixes for combating them when referencing and linking to the complex world of online materials. What we didn’t discuss was h Read More

Tentative Opinions in the Appellate Courts and the Chance to Make a Difference in Your Oral Argument

Division Two of the Fourth District in the California Court of Appeal uses tentative opinions. There is certainly an advantage for appellate lawyers because it allows them to focus on the main issues that the court deems impo Read More