The Appellate Law Journal
Volume 3 | Issue 2 | 2015

The Appellate Law Journal focuses exclusively on rules, practices and procedures of federal and state appellate courts nationwide. Edited by the appellate experts at Counsel Press, The Appellate Law Journal is designed Read More

New York Appellate Practice: How to Take and Perfect an Appeal from a Decision of the Workers' Compensation Board

Workers’ Compensation decisions are reviewed by the Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department. See Workers’ Compensation Law Section 23. This article is an overview of the process and the steps in taking and perfecting a Read More

Monitoring the Appellate Trends: A Closer Look at the New York State Unified Court System Annual Reports

Stability, evenness, predictability – these are ways, perhaps surprising to some, to describe recent trends in the state appellate courts of New York. Whether speaking of affirmance rates, total number of records filed, or m Read More