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Confused by F.R.A.P. 32(a)(7)(A) and (B)? Many are. Here is the Answer.

F.R.A.P. 32(a)(7)(A) currently states:

“A principal brief may not exceed 30 pages, or a reply brief 15 pages, unless it complies with Rule 32(a)(7)(B) and (C).”

Have you ever run into the 30-page “brick wal Read More

Have You Filed Your Notice of Entry in New York County?

Historically, the time to file a notice of appeal has been measured from the date of service with notice of entry of an order of judgment that is sought to be appealed. See CPLR § 5513(a). Although it has always been good pra Read More

In Order to Broaden Your Appeal, Narrow Your Focus

The ability to narrow the issues on appeal “is the hallmark of effective appellate advocacy.” Smith v. Murray, 477 U.S. 527, 536, 106 S. Ct. 2661, 2667 (1986). “Experienced advocates since time beyond memory have emp Read More