Confused by F.R.A.P. 32(a)(7)(A) and (B)? Many are. Here is the Answer.

F.R.A.P. 32(a)(7)(A) currently states:

“A principal brief may not exceed 30 pages, or a reply brief 15 pages, unless it complies with Rule 32(a)(7)(B) and (C).”

Have you ever run into the 30-page “brick wal Read More

When the Only Law Available on the Issue is an Unpublished Decision, What Are My Options?

Imagine counsel representing litigants before a court. An attorney for one party takes a position on the issue. The court responds that, in a previously filed pleading, counsel had taken the opposite position on behalf of his Read More

The Appellate Law Journal
Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2015

The Appellate Law Journal focuses exclusively on rules, practices and procedures of federal and state appellate courts nationwide. Edited by the appellate experts at Counsel Press, The Appellate Law Journal is designed Read More