Q&A | Basic Brief Review™

Basic Brief Review™

What can I expect from a Basic Brief Review?

The Basic Brief Review is a review of grammar, punctuation, and readability. CPLRG reads the entire draft of your brief and redlines your document for grammar and punctuation mistakes. We also make comments within the brief with regards to the readability, or how easily a sentence or portion of text is understood by the reader.

Does CPLRG make the redlined changes to the brief?

Following our review, we return the brief with our redlines, suggestions, and comments. At this point, you may accept or reject any changes or suggestions: we do not make the changes within the document. Our review is meant to point out deviations from generally accepted grammar and punctuation standards. You are free to accept or reject any comment or suggestion CPLRG provides.

How soon can I expect the reviewed draft of my brief?

In most instances, we can provide a review of your brief the next business day. Our review does take time, as does your final approval of redlines, and any changes you wish to make within the document. CPLRG will try to accommodate review of briefs on the day of filing, however, same day service may not be possible in every case.

What kind of file format do I need, and how do I transmit the brief to CPLRG?

The easiest way to transmit your brief is by email. Counsel Press also provides a client portal for convenience. When CPLRG confirms your job, we provide access, and files can be uploaded to the portal. CPLRG can review your document in most versions of Microsoft Word as well as Word Perfect. Other file formats, or a hard copy review, are taken on a case by case basis.