Hover over any notation with your mouse to get a pop-up explanation.

  Insert period  
  Insert comma  
  Indent 1 em
  Insert colon  
  Indent 2 ems
  Insert semicolon  
  Insert question mark  
  No paragraph
  Insert exclamation mark  
  Transpose—used in margin
  Insert hyphen  
  Transpose—used in text
  Insert apostrophe  
  Spell out
  Insert quotation marks  
  Italic—used in margin
  Insert 1-en dash  
  Italic—used in text
  Insert 1-em dash  
  Boldface—used in margin
  Insert space  
  Boldface—used in text
  Insert ( ) points of space  
  Small caps—used in margin
  Insert slash  
  Small caps—used in text
  Roman type
  Caps—used in margin
Caps - used in text
  Caps—used in text
Caps and small caps - used in margin
  Caps & small caps—used in margin  
Align horizontally
  Align horizontally
Caps and small caps - used in text
  Caps & small caps—used in text  
  Center horizontally
  Lowercase—used in margin  
  Center vertically
  Used in text to show deletion or substitution  
  Equalize space—used in margin
  Equalize space—used in text
  Delete and close up  
  Let it stand—used in text
  Wrong font  
  Let it stand—used in margin
  Close up  
  Letter(s) not clear
  Move right  
  Carry over to the next line
  Move left  
  Carry back to preceding line
  Move up  
  Something omitted—see copy
  Move down  
  Question to author to delete
  Align vertically  
  Caret—general indicator used to mark position of error